Eyeglass Frame Repair

We are master jewelers who can repair any damaged or worn eye glasses, using old fashioned methods and newer technologies. Your eyeglasses will be returned to you ready to wear. If your glasses have broken frames, hinges, pads, temple arm, or even major damage, we can usually restore them.

Dont Spend Extra Money to Replace Those Broken Eyeglass Frames!

The repairs often result in eyeglass frames that are stronger than when they were new.
We can also create custom clip on sunglasses that fit your prescription frames and look forward to serving you. Contact us if you have any questions.

Eyeglass Frame Repair

Most welds are $55.00.
Free return shipping via UPS ground service insured for $100 is included. Overnight shipping and extra insurance for an additional charge.

Replacement Temples Broken Screw Repair and Replace Hinge Solders Solder Pad Arms Convert Unifit Bridge to Adjustable Pad Arm Assembly Bridge Solders Ptosis Crutch Temple Covers Replacement Spring Hinges End Piece Solders Solder Eyewire Barrels Shorten Eyewire Refit with Silicone Pads
  1. 01. Replacement Temples
  2. 02. Broken Screw Repair and Replace
  3. 03. Hinge Solders
  4. 04. Solder Pad Arms
  5. 05. Convert Unifit Bridge to Adjustable Pad Arm Assembly
  6. 06. Bridge Solders
  7. 07. Ptosis Crutch
  8. 08. Temple Covers
  9. 09. Replacement Spring Hinges
  10. 10. End Piece Solders
  11. 11. Solder Eyewire Barrels
  12. 12. Shorten Eyewire
  13. 13. Refit with Silicone Pads

List of services available in our eyeglass frame repair department:

  • Soldering/welding for metal frames
  • Plastic frame repair
  • Removal of broken screws
  • Barrel replacements, and re-tapping
  • Metal hidden hinges in plastic frames
  • Riveted hinge replacement
  • Installing Cable Temples
  • Replace temple arms
  • Replace nose pad arms
  • Adjustable pad arms for plastic frames
  • Spring hinge repair/replace
  • Add spring hinge temples or "bows"
  • Repair/replace other worn out parts
  • Replacement of acetate covers on metal frames
  • Temple end and nose pad replacement
  • Frame finish re-plating for most metal types
  • Custom repairs and more.

All frame repairs although similar are unique.

If for any reason repairs do not fall into the basic rate or initial quote we will give you a final quote and obtain your approval and payment before performing the repairs. We accept visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express online using Paypal, the most secure way to pay. You may alsp pay by mailing us a check or money order. Once we have received payment, we will usually send your repaired frames back the very same day.

We carry current and discontinued designer parts to serve your needs and are very proud of the quality of our eyeglass frame repairs. In fact, we are so confident in our work that we will guarantee all repairs for 90 Days. We can fix Vintage eyewear.

Shipping - Mailing Instructions:

Prepare Your Frames...
Protect your eyeglasses for shipment. Wrap your frames with a cleaning cloth or tissue. Place your frames into a hard case protector or wrap them with bubble wrap. Be sure to use a container sturdy enough to protect your glasses from being damaged in transit. We suggest shipping the protected frames in a small box or padded envelope. Include the completed repair request form in the package. Make sure that the repair request form has all customer information, including your name, address, daytime phone and email address.

Insure Your Frames...
We ask that you send your frames certified and insured because we wont be responsible for items lost or damaged during shipment. When we receive your eyeglasses, we will contact you to discuss the repairs, quote you a price, and obtain your approval to do the work. When we have received payment for the work, we will send your eyeglasses back to you (usually the same day).

Ship us your frame
Just go to any US Post Office and obtain a #1 Priority Mailer Box and the necessary postage. Pack and mail your frames. If for some reason you are unable to travel to a US Potal Office, please call and we will mail you the #1 Priority Mailer free. Get the priority mailer by calling us at 1-541-776-3331. You will receive our repair mailer kit, shipped directly to you.

Enclose customer information (printable labels)
  • Name
  • Shipping address
  • Day-time phone number
  • E-mail address

Send the mailer to:
  • The Goldsmiths
  • 606 Crater Lake Ave.
  • Medford, Oregon 97504
  • 541)776-3331

Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in business?
The Goldsmiths has been in business for 22 years.

What sets your business apart from competitors?
We are actually master jewelers and are very experienced with metal work with the latest technology, including laser welding.

How long does it take to repair my glasses?
All glasses are usually shipped back within 24 hours of receiving.

Will my glasses be as good as new when I get them back?
No, but we often hear that it is hard to tell where they have been repaired.

Will the repair hold?
We give a life time guarantee for all of our repairs.

Do I need an appointment?
No appointment necessary.

Where are you located?
In Medford, Oregon. See our Location Page.

When are you open?
10am-5pm Monday through Friday and 11pm-4pm on Saturday.

What if I can't bring my glasses in?
See Shipping Page

Do you sell frames?

My Titanium frames broke, can you repair them?
No we don't!

What about Sunglasses?
We can do the same repairs on sunglasses as we do on all eyeglass frames.

Can plastic be repaired?
Sometimes, depending on type, style and location of break.

Are new parts available for my eyeglass frame?
We do stock thousands of new parts.